What equipment makes the most difference?

What equipment makes the most difference?

What single item will make a difference to your game? Walk into your golf shop and you are surrounded by golf gear …. tempting you to think… do I need that?  But what purchase is going to make my game more enjoyable!

We think it is quite simple.  Golf is a game of patience and time.  So you need:

to be comfortable – so you can focus on your game

to make sure that each swing is not compromised by your equipment  to be able

to endure 4-5 hours

Can you guess?  It’s your shoes!  Shoes are essential to the enjoyment of your game.  They provide stability, grip, dryness, support and comfort!  Those joggers just can’t cut it out on the golf course with the twisting motion of a swing, the dew on the grass, the long hours on your feet!  Did you know that wearing golf shoes can improve your performance between 6-21%!*And, to add to this, 70% of golfers are wearing the wrong size*?? (according to FootJoy testing)Golf shoes are designed to withstand the challenge of golf  and here are some of the things we suggest when looking at a pair of shoes.

​​They should be firm fitting through themid-section of the shoe to reduce torsionin the shoe (and long term stretching).  A good lacing system helps here.

The length should be about 1-1.5 cm(half an inch) longer than where your longest toe lies.It is worthwhile trying on both shoes to make sure that the fit suits both feet and also wearing socksthat you would wear when playing.

​​The shoe should flex at the ball of your foot, there isoften a groove on the under sole, where the shoe should flex for ease of movement when walking.To check this, you will need to walk in the shoes to see where they flex with your foot in it.

Then there is the question of spiked vs the spikeless shoes (as shown above).  Simply put, the non-spiked won’t last as long despite the new polymers around, but they offer a great versatile alternative to having to change shoes in a club house or on the concrete – not to mention the comfort of not having to wear shoes that have spikes.  Think about how often you play, the cost of replacement of shoes vs the spikes and how hard you are on shoes… they may be the reason for going for either the spiked or spikeless…

Finally, its worth doing a practice swing in them! Just to make sure that they are  JUST RIGHT 

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