Get the most out of your competitive urge and join Viney Creek – owned by Avana Leisure as the premier golf club at the Beresfield Golf Course.  

You will receive an affiliated AGU handicap, discounts on green fees, carts and golf gear as a member of Viney Creek Golf Club.  

Decide how much you want to play, and how you want to play: either pay up front, or by the quarter (conditions apply) its that simple!  Got questions? Call us now on 4966 4665 or email us here



Gold, for players keen to commit to over 40 rounds of golf competition a year!  Get your AGU Handicap, and not only will the competitions be cheaper, but social play at Beresfield will only be $3 per round – any time social play is available!  Get great deals on golf gear as part of the Viney Creek club, plus Competitions and Golf Cart hire are cheaper too! Outstanding value for the Gold Golfer.



Designed for players who anticipate playing less than 40 rounds of competition golf per year.  There is a full AGU Handicap affiliation, 50% of all social play any day, and a discount on Competitions and Golf Cart hire at Beresfield golf course.  We will also ensure you get the deals of golf gear as being a member of the Viney Creek Golf Club.  Great value for a regular player.



For the social player – a bronze membership suits a player who wants to get around town with his/her AGU Handicap!  A Pay as You Play membership for those playing less than 20 rounds a year.  There is a discount on social play, full priced competition play and you can still benefit from great golf gear deals as part of Viney Creek Golf Club.  Convenient, portable and affordable!



​Over 65? Our senior membership rate appreciates your experience in life, so we offer the gold membership for $295.  Enjoy golf pursuits and keep your golf real with an AGU Handicap. 



For the young adult student player – a student membership is the silver membership for $199.  Enjoy student pursuits and keep your golf sharp with an AGU Handicap. All the benefits of silver for those studying and under 24 years of age.

Membership Agreement

Code of Conduct

Membership Form

Refund and Privacy Policy

So, you have chosen the best type of membership for you, read the agreements (including the Code of Conduct) and decided how you want to pay.

Now all you need to do is fill in the online form below, or bring in a copy of a completed Membership Form above and we will get back to you so you can get started as soon as you are ready to play! Pay for your memberships online!

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